What can I do?

You can help Paint Pima Purple by coming up with creative and innovative ways to display the color purple and purple ribbons throughout the community, including at your home, neighborhood, school and workplace. Helping Paint Pima Purple will send a strong message that there is no place for domestic violence anywhere in our community.

Help us Paint Pima Purple

You can help Paint Pima Purple by taking simple actions to demonstrate your commitment to ending family violence and abuse. We encourage you to be part of the change and Paint Pima Purple everywhere in our community, including our homes, neighborhoods, schools and workplaces. We encourage you to wear or display the color purple or purple ribbons, which is a sign of domestic violence survivor courage and our commitment to stopping the abuse. Paint Pima Purple is a local awareness campaign brought to you by Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse, The Pima County Attorney's Office, Pima County and the City of Tucson in collaboration local community, private and nonprofit organizations.

Paint Pima Purple Bumper Sticker